Holidayen 101

Holidayen is here to simplify your trip planning! Planning a trip on Holidayen is a quick 3 step process.

1. Select your destination and duration

As you begin typing the name of the city in the “Where do you plan to go?’ search box, you will get the list of available destinations matching your query, and can select the city you would like to visit. Alternately, you can pick a destination from those marked on the map which comes up when you click ‘Browse All Destinations’ under the search box.

After selecting the city, you can pick your dates, or just the duration of your trip if the dates are undecided.

Just let us know who else you are traveling with, and you’re good to go!


  • Need inspiration? If you are undecided about where to go, you can just wander around a city listed under ‘Browse Destinations’ at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Feeling a little adventurous? Just pick a featured itinerary.

2. Customize your trip

You now have a collection of attractions and activities (psst, we will soon have events) that would be on the top of most locals’ and travelers’ recommendations. However, you may want to focus on some specific interests, say museums or neighborhoods. You can simply tweak the tuners to increase the proportion of your interest area (museums), and the selected collection of attractions changes automatically

Click on any attraction to know details such as opening hours, entry fees and contact information and you can also select or unselect individual attractions from the selection.

You can review our selected hotel, and change it under the ‘Hotels’ tab.

The green icons on the map indicate selected sights and activities, and the red icons denote the rest. As you zoom out, the icons cluster into circles showing the number of attractions in the neighborhood. A red circle indicates an attraction-dense neighborhood, a yellow circle a medium number of attractions in the vicinity and a blue circle a few attractions in the area.

Clicking on ‘Create Itinerary’ takes you to the itinerary page, where you can drag and drop attractions across days, and also change the duration by dragging the right bottom corner. The map gets updated with every edit.

When you’re happy with the way your trip looks, you can finalize the trip.


  • You can browse the attractions on the map. Click on any icon to find out more about the attraction and add or drop it from your itinerary.
  • We have also estimated the cost for your trip. It gets automatically updated with all the changes you make.
  • You can also go back to ‘Select Sights’ to change your selections.

3. Share your itinerary with friends

You get a permanent link to visit your trip itinerary whenever you like. You can also mail your trip page to yourself, or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

And of course, you can save it on your tablet or phone, and take it with you for that awesome trip you just planned.

It’s that simple, really. Get started with Holidayen!