Two day trip to Tokyo

Continuing with our suggestions on travel itineraries, today we are posting a sample itinerary for the vibrant megalopolis of Tokyo!

While two days are nothing to even scratch the surface of Tokyo, if you find yourself in the city on a weekend and wondering how to utilize your time for maximum sightseeing, you can follow the following itinerary (created using Holidayen)

Day 1

Tsukiji Fish Market (Early morning)

You will have to start early (very very early, 5 AM) to stand a chance to enter the Tsukiji fish market, famous for its giant tuna auctions and the myriad variety of fresh fish on display. If you cannot swallow the idea of waking up that early, fear not, it is still worth a visit until noon. Have breakfast in one of the famous sushi bars in the market area, you cannot miss them. Tip on selecting the best place to eat: one with decent enough long line but not the longest. Yes, did I mention, there will be a waiting time of about 1 hour on all the decent locations.

Imperial Palace and Imperial Palace Gardens (Morning)

The palace and its gardens offer a nice retreat from the metropolis without actually leaving the city. The beautiful gardens offer nice views of the city and are ideal for spending lazy couple of hours after the busy market.

Akhiabara (Afternoon)

Akhiabara, the otaku town of Tokyo is a ‘must-visit’ Full of gaming arcades, electronics and pachinko machines, this is an area which has helped in giving the adjective of ‘weird’ to Japan (and Tokyo in particular). Try your hand in one of the many arcades, or if you feel like, experience the costly, yet very intersting, maid-cafes. If you have time, you can also visit the nearby Ueno Park for another dose of different Tokyo.

Roppongi Crossing (Evening)

Unwind by people watching in Roppongi. The area also has a number of sake bars to relax after a wonderful day.

Day 2

Sensoji and Asakusa Jinja (Morning)

Next morning, experience the holier side of the city, by visiting Sensoji, the temple area in the north-east. It gives a nice picture of the religious practices of the region, and is especially a good place to visit if you have not visited any other Japanese temple or shrine.

Next to the temple is the Shinto shrine Asakusa Jinja. You can also buy religious charms and souvenirs in the area. Another must try is one of the numerous street food vendors in the vicinity.

Edo-Tokyo/Ghibli Museum (Afternoon)

Consider spending the afternoon in one of the museums, Edo-Tokyo being one of the favorite. I have also thrown in Ghibli Museum in the itinerary below if anime interests you.

Tokyo Skytree (Evening)

Do come back to the Asakusa area for Tokyo Skytree in the evening, preferably after its dark, for the stunning views of the city. Also a perfect place to end the trip and capture some snaps for awesome memories.

For more details, and a map view of the itinerary, visit this page.

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