Say ‘Guten Tag’ to Oktoberfest

Sad that you could not make it to Germany even this year for the Oktoberfest? Another year without getting to say “Ein bier, bitte” in style. Never mind. Oktoberfest celebrations are almost everywhere, with most major cities hosting beer-centred festivities around this time. Here are some that you could join in to get a feel of the real thing.

 Kitchener and Waterloo

The largest Oktoberfest in North America, the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest from 11-Oct to 19-Oct is celebrated with a Thanksgiving Day Parade. With a large population of German descent, there is traditional live music and dance in festhallen organized by German clubs. A free-for-all luncheon is organized by the city council, and a Feastival food truck with German delicacies is another one for the foodies.


Hong Kong

With interesting variants of the Munich Oktoberfest at different venues in Hong Kong and Macau, the season is festive and frothy. The Marco Polo German Bierfest from 25-Oct to 16-Nov along the harbor is one of the better known Bavarian celebrations in Asia. The speed drinking and sausage eating contests at Happy Valley and King Ludwig Beer Hall are also draw crowds.

Beer: Löwenbräu, Beck’s draught beer and Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier.




The Dublin Oktoberfest from 19-Sep to 6-Oct is a place to show your competitive spirit after downing some light, bitter spirit – the Bavarian Games include nailing, schuhplattlern and Fliegerlied dance.

Beer: German Erdinger Fischer’s Hell and Weizenbier (wheatbeer).



Over the first 3 weekends in October, about a million revelers find their way to “Washington’s Bavarian Village” to witness the parade, the bands and the keg tapping. And for a totally guilt-free experience, there is also a marathon to ward off the possible beer belly.



The Brazilian Oktoberfest from 3-Oct to 20-Oct has the best of both worlds – Brahma and Das Bier, samba and polka, waltz and mazurka. There are friendly contests along with the festivities – Concurso nacional de Chopp em metro, which is a beer drinking contest and Noite dos Gincaneiros.

Beer: Brahma, Eisenbahn, Bierland, Wunder Bier, Das Bier and Gaspar.